If Lim Guan Eng’s lips move, he’s telling another lie

Lim Guan Eng needs to be hooked up to a lie detector whenever he speaks. It’s just a pity the graph wouldn’t reflect the KLCI. Add audio to the lie detector and people would think it’s Chinese New Year.

“A lie told once remains a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth”

There are eight types of lies: (1) White lies (2) Broken promises (3) The lie of fabrication (4) The bold-faced lie (5) The lying in exaggeration (6) Lies of deception (7) Plagiarism (8) Compulsive lying.

Giving him the benefit of the doubt, I’ll assume Lim Guan Eng is innocent of lie #1. As for lies #2 to #8, we can tick all boxes.

At the end of 2017, the national debt was RM687 billion. This is official and this is the truth. Lim Guan Eng, however, lied to the Malaysian people and declared that national debt was RM1 trillion. He applied his own accounting and classification standards which no other country in the world adopts i.e. he decided at his own whim and fancy with malicious intent what should be called national debt.

It’s not a surprise that all the DAP Chinese believed him (especially when he lied to them in Mandarin) but why were the PH Malays also fooled by someone who was never before trusted by the Malays? Tun Daim seems to have the answer.

After lying that national debt was RM1 trillion, Lim Guan Eng for some reason decided to put the true figure in the Budget (perhaps because BNM refused to play along with him). He might have been hoping that Malaysians would be fooled into thinking national debt was truly RM1 trillion but the 2017 debt figure of RM687 billion was caught on tv. “RM1 trillion” kept coming out of his mouth but he forgot to tell TV3 to not broadcast the true debt figure. Yup, the tv screen clearly showed the debt in 2017 was RM687 billion and not Lim Guan Eng’s RM1 trillion.

Boom! Picture courtesy of Ir. MD Nursyazwi

If many PH Mahacais perhaps still believe that TV3 is BN’s mouthpiece, then let’s have a look at BNM’s official report. Fortunately BNM is still being truthful and professional in their reporting.

Source: http://www.bnm.gov.my/index.php?ch=58&pg=255&ac=1&bb=central_gov_debt

Bear in mind that the above BNM report and historical data were published by BNM under the PH administration. So PH supporters should not accuse BNM of false accounting. It’s the exact same format/classification as in previous years. Clearly the BNM report states Central Government Debt (national debt) at RM687 billion in 2017 and RM741 billion in 2018.

Therefore, if you take Daim’s advice (“Melayu kena fikir rasional”), you have to conclude that Lim Guan Eng is a liar. Of course if LGE tells PH mahacais the national debt is RM3 trillion, they will believe it.

Even after PH has come into power, LGE won’t admit that he lied. In fact he’d rather use the previous lie to tell a new lie. Recently LGE claimed that national debt had reduced, which of course is a lie. The fact is National Debt has increased from RM687 billion in 2017 to RM741 billion in 2018 and to RM776.8 billion in March 2019.

He then claims that national debt has reduced. Magic. This doesn’t make any sense unless he lied about the figure he was comparing to.

“So we have managed to reduce the debt figure from the previous RM1.087 trillion” – Lim Guan Eng, PHinance Minister

You see, LGE first gave us a fictitious national debt figure (RM1 trillion plus) then says that the fictitious figure has reduced to another fictitious figure (also RM1 trillion plus). If he was connected to a lie detector, the graph would spike wildly at least twice before he took another breath.

It is a mystery how he managed to reduce national debt because we know for a fact that the fiscal deficit has widened and that central government debt increased by RM54 billion from RM687 billion in 2017 to RM741 billion in 2018 and to RM777 billion in March 2019. In addition, according to the BNM report, debt guaranteed by government also increased by RM30 billion from RM238 billion (2017) to RM268 billion (2018). It won’t be the first time that LGE got his numbers wrong, of course.

What is mind boggling and laughable is that the so-called “RM1 trillion debt” under the previous government was going to make Malaysia bankrupt but now Lim Guan Eng and PH claim that the Malaysian economy is healthy and Malaysia’s debt is manageable despite the fiscal deficit having gotten worse, GDP growth having slowed down, Malaysia being downgraded by rating agencies and national debt having increased by RM90 billion since 2017.

I guess that’s why the PH government believe Malaysia can afford to revive the crooked bridge, build kereta terbang, build a third “national” car, bring back F1 to Sepang, build an international airport at Kulim and give millions to air-conditioned Chinese vernacular schools.

– AA –

3 thoughts on “If Lim Guan Eng’s lips move, he’s telling another lie

  1. Construction sector growth plummeted to 0.3% YoY in 1Q 2019. This is the sector with the highest multiplier effect on the economy at 2.03x according the Department of Statistics… enough said in terms of damage to economy

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  2. And the economic policy narrative is so f***ed up… to begin with, sapa running economic matters? Mahathir? Daim? Guan Eng? Azmin? Dr Muhamad Khalid? Statements contradicting each other or for that matter openly in disagreement is damaging to consumer, biz and investors sentiment and confidence. Little wonder KLCI and RM koyak… still in opposition mentality of agree to disagree instead of consensus needed for a coalition gomen to work and give sense of direction

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