National Humiliation and TKO Blow of Lim Kit Siang, DAP and PH

Earlier Lim Kit Siang had claimed that the Sandakan by-election was a national turnaround of PH’s political fortunes and that Najib had been dealt a knockout blow. (Refer to my previous post on LKS).

Instead, what we are witnessing is Lim Kit Siang suffering what must be the biggest humiliation of his life, dragging down DAP and PH along with him. The scale of the humiliation is presently nationwide but it could also go global because of the Najib link.

Lim Kit Siang is humiliated by Malaysians when he pulled out of the challenge he himself threw at Najib

Lim Kit Siang himself chose the topic of debate confidently believing that there’d be no way Najib would accept such a loaded statement: “How Malaysia became a global kleptocracy and how we can become a leading nation of integrity”.

Unfortunately for Kit Siang, Najib accepted his challenge.

LKS obviously panicked but couldn’t call it off so soon after Najib had called his bluff. The u-turn would be too quick even by PH’s pathetic standards. Now he’ll need to find a way to dig himself out of the hole he dug for himself.

Fake Whatsapp message vs Fake Whatsapp message

His first subtle attempt at looking for an excuse to withdraw was to claim that Najib had instructed so-called UMNO cybertroopers to attack DAP. The allegedly fake message was first published by DAP’s Ngeh Koo Ham, then Lim Kit Siang followed up on it on his own Facebook page.

Ngeh Hoo Kam tweeted the same allegedly fake whatsapp message 3 times

Lim Kit Siang’s and Ngeh Koo Ham’s scheme backfired instantly when netizens rationalised that DAP created the fake whatsapp message and another fake whatsapp message also went round to prove the point as to how easy it was to create a fake message.

The left fake message was created to show how easy it was to create a fake message as the one on the right.

So, that didn’t turn out too well for Lim Kit Siang and Ngeh Hoo Kam as you can tell from the responses at Kit’s Siang’s page and Ngeh’s Twitter threads here, here and here.

Lim Kit Siang keeps trying to pretend that the overwhelming support that Najib has been drawing are only from so-called paid cybertroopers rather than educated and enlightened Malaysians.

Lim Kit Siang claims those who show they don’t support PH are all BN’s paid cybertroopers

Lim Kit Siang keeps repeating this desperate claim that we are all cybertroopers to minimise the extent of PH supporters feeling demoralised.

People then, of course, could sense Lim Kit Siang’s nervousness and started becoming suspicious that Lim Kit Siang was looking for excuses to avoid going ahead with the debate.

Lim Kit Siang desperately appeals to PH supporters for their views
(for him to use as an excuse to pull out of the debate)

Lim Kit Siang cunningly invited the public (PH supporters) to send in their views on the debate. He knew very well that DAP/PH supporters would tell him to avoid the debate — because they knew it would expose him as a liar and a hypocrite.

And true enough, Lim Kit Siang then claims that he received an “avalanche” of messages:

“For the past 48 hours, I had been inundated with an avalanche of advice through email, WhatsApp and even by phone, including by Malaysians from overseas, 99% of whom urged me not to debate with Najib at all.” – Lim Kit Siang

Lim Kit Siang is trying very hard to tell us that the advice had 3 wow factors:

– avalanche of advice
– through email, Whatsapp and even by phone
– 99%

Praise the Lord. Lim Kit Siang believes that’s he’s now got his Get-out-of-jail card. Mission accomplished. Now he can tell the public he has no choice but to withdraw from the debate.

A dog running away with his tail between his legs
Lim Kit Siang’s FB post 23/5/2019 6:07pm

Malay vs Chinese conflict?

To make it crystal clear that he had no choice but to withdraw from the debate, Lim Kit Siang again resorts to throwing in the race card. He wants the public to believe that the debate will turn into racial fight between Malays and Chinese.

Strange. He didn’t seem concerned about any racial conflict when DAP pushed for the ratification of ICERD and Rome Statute, when Superman Hew said DAP would use the Malays to screw the Malays and when his brainless son Lim Guan Eng announced the UMNO-PAS alliance meant a declaration of war against the non-Malays. There are other much worse incidents then a non-racial themed and beneficial debate with Najib to expose facts for the public to judge.

A debate between a Chinese and a Malay per se is not a Chinese vs Malay conflict. The debater who happens to be Chinese merely has to argue based on facts and the same goes for the other debater who happens to be Malay. The topic is not Malay Rights vs DAP Chinese Rights or Ketuanan Melayu vs Tuntutan Cina DAP so how on earth did conflict (read: violence) pop up in Lim Kit Siang’s mind?

Lim Kit Siang resumes duties as MenHEN — barking at Najib

To divert attention away from his cowardice, Lim Kit Siang didn’t waste time spewing his hate towards Najib in his blog:

“Undoubtedly, Najib is the most malignant political force in the history of Malaysia – he is not only a global kleptocrat, a habitual liar but also the greatest threat to the vision of a united, progressive and prosperous Malaysia in his immoral, unconscionable and irresponsible support of the toxic and vicious politics of lies, falsehood, hate, intolerance and extremism to effect the worst racial and religious polarisation and national division in Malaysian history.”

Eh? So a racist DAP Chinese spewing all that hate and lies towards a Malay leader and alleging “extremism to effect the worst racial and religious polarisation and national division” isn’t already inciting a Chinese vs Malay conflict but a non-racial debate will? This is another example of why Tun Mahathir openly called Lim Kit Siang a racist.

Lim Kit Siang’s continuing his filthy accusations against Najib after chickening out of the debate is analogous to a dog that barks at you while you’re walking in the street. When you turn around to confront it, it will run away. Then when you continue walking it will run up behind you again and continue barking.

“Barking dogs do not bite; but many dogs do not know this proverb…”
― Ankala V Subbarao

Indeed Lim Kit Siang does not know.

Why then did MenHEN challenge Bossku in the first place?

When Lim Kit Siang kept barking on a daily basis at Najib, Najib invited him for a debate so that Lim Kit Siang could substantiate his allegations in public. Najib’s invitation caused Kit Siang to break out in a cold sweat. The only way out would be to choose the topic that surely Najib would not dare accept:

Being confident that Najib would never agree, Lim Kit Siang delivered the challenge in English and Bahasa Melayu. Evidently, Kit Siang foolishly thought that for Najib to accept the the topic he would then be supposedly admitting that he made Malaysia become a global kleptocracy. But when Najib accepted the challenge without batting an eyelid, LKS began to panic.

Najib did not mind being called a kleptocrat and a pathological or habitual liar, and agreed immediately to the topic, although he added cryptically: “But in fairness, we should also discuss other topics during the debate.” – Lim Kit Siang

This was a desperate and futile attempt — a cheap shot actually — by Lim Kit Siang to make it seem as though Najib is confessing that he is a “kleptocrat and a pathological or habitual liar”. It proves why Lim Kit Siang mistakenly thought it would compel Najib to reject the debate. Only later it sunk in — perhaps after seeking advice from friends and lawyers — that it was tantamount to no such thing. Which means Najib was going to turn it around by revealing facts to prove that the topic proposed by Lim Kit Siang was a loaded statement premised upon false presumptions and lies.

Apart from being terrified that he would not be able to prove his allegations against Najib, Kit Siang knew he would also be facing questions that he would not be able to answer. In the court of public opinion, Lim Kit Siang will easily be found guilty of lying.

There was also nothing cryptic about other topics Najib wanted to add to the debate — he merely did not mention them, which is why Lim Kit Siang went into a state of panic. Kit Siang knows very well that, among others, Lim Guan Eng and Mahathir are not innocent of the allegations against them — corruption, abuse of power, cronyism, nepotism etc. Najib was going to have a field day. Again, they would be found guilty in the court of public opinion. It may not affect Najib’s court proceedings but PH will become the Opposition again at the next General Elections.

Avalanche of responses to Lim Kit Siang’s cowardly withdrawal

We all know that the real reason Lim Kit Siang’s supporters want him to pull out of the debate is that they know he will be exposed as a liar and hypocrite and be humiliated publicly. Which is why, according to him, 99% advised him to pull out — they knew Lim Kit Siang would only hurt himself. The remaining 1% were simply too stupid to know that Lim Kit Siang would be on a suicide mission.

But look at the comments on Lim Kit Siang’s Facebook page after he announced his withdrawal: 99.9% are openly criticising and mocking him for withdrawing.

Since Kit Siang selectively shared 10 of the messages that advised him to pull out, I’ll share 130 comments and messages that disagree. These are from Lim Kit Siang’s own Facebook page:

(1) Hani Nrdn: Cabar Najib debat : Bapak Tokong. Bagi tajuk nak debat : Bapak Tokong. Tarik diri dari debat : Bapak Tokong. Soon (actually business as usual) Meroyan : Bapak Tokong. Ultimate facepalm 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

(2) Jude Pereira: “Hello, Uncle KS.. Good evening.. Why write a long story when you can make it short by saying “im chickening out”??? Aiyah.. Thats why i had been advising uncle.. Its time to stop the wet dreams.” –

(3) Mohinderjit Sidhu: “YB what the actual reason you back down….we know and you know all about DSN a big fat lie…this only prove it…pls stop playing racial cards with this uturnlah…be a man most of all be a gentlemen with honor.” –

(4) Aby Shafie: Yang setuju debat, Kit Siang. Yang bagi tajuk debat, Kit Siang. Yang tarik diri juga Lim Kit Siang (林吉祥). Wakakakakakakaka🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 true of liars apek

(5) Sumayyah Mohd Marzuki: “You challenged him and you gave the topic, didn’t you? How did the topic you gave be turned into a racial unrest? Everything is set by you. All he had to do was show up and answer your allegations.” –

(6) Mohd Mustashireen Abdul Latif: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! apek tua sebenarnya takda modal nak lawan DSN… dia tau dia banyak menipu.” –

(7) Khoo Watt Ken Ching: Sendiri pilih tajuk debat. Sendiri pengecut tarik diri. Ketahibabian apakah ini?” –

(8) Loopie San: Excuses excuses excuses.. Bosan lah dengar bapa tokong lge.. If you are too chicken to debate DS Najib, then why are you still talking behind his back?? 50 years of being MP and you nail your coffin with a cowardly act. Shameless.” –

(9) Raykat S Fariz: Lim Kit Siang is the most cowardly politician in the history of Malaysia – the greatest threat to the sanctity of this nation, and a perpetual liar and father of a kleptocrat!

(10) Diana Khalifa: Chicken shit! Running with your tail hanging in between your legs ah, apek!! Don’t try to blame the nyetizen for not encouraging you to engage the debate la!

(11) Saleem Rasool: Anjing memang kuat menyalak… Jika kita lari, lagi laju dia kejar dan menyalak. Tetapi jika kita berhenti berlari dan kembali kejar anjing tu, sudah tentu anjing itu akan lari terkencing kencing. Stop making excuses la old fart. You challenged Najib for a debate and when he accepted it, you run with tail between your legs.

(12) Nabeel Naqiah: Your 53 years of politics is an open book for Malaysians to judge??? 22 of those years you have been barking against Mahathir with all the corruption allegations under the sun just like what you are hurling against Najib. Lim Kit Siang is the most malignant liar, snake and a being with no integrity and principle in the history of Malaysia.

(13) Jonathan Ramesh Raj: Hahahahahahahahaha ! Ingat anak dia aje yang pondan. Nampaknya bapak pun baka sama. Please la, with the way things are …. there’s already a conflict between the Malays and the Chinese. And Kit Siang’s supporters best comeback is “it’s a trap”!!!! Hahahahaa.

(14) Ariff Ahmad: The one who wants to debate, you. The one who give a topic for the debate, you. The one who cancel to debate, also you.. Please go to the hospital and make a medical checkup.. I think your eggs is shrinking just like your brain.. (MALAI Si!!!! – LKS, 13Mei 1969)

(15) Yong Yu Hao: When opposition time you and your son keep challenge BN politicians to debates, now Najib accept the challenge and u r same with federal government U turn now? Just said “debat bukan budaya Kita”…don’t said racial or religious issue….. What the joke…

(16) Jessica Ong: Uncle,if you no lampa to debate please stop talking about Najib from now on ya…

(17) Yong Yu Hao: Continue your job with MenHEN, critic Najib on Fb everyday, make you and your supporter syiok sendiri la

(18) William Oak Wood: Hi uncle, what happen to all the allegation u and your Pakatan Rakyat frens used to said toward Tun Mahathir during the GE13 campaign, when u guys said Tun Mahathir is a corupt and abuse of power, and that you guys will throw him to jail if u guys won the GE13 and take over Putrajaya? Are all the allegation is true or not?

(19) Tun Carlos: Not a smart move YB. Make an effort. Not an excuse.

(20) James Newton: I will tell my grandchild later, LKS is not a brave person but a coward person, who is “sembang tinggi” and not dare to debate with Najib. When u are not around in this world, you will remember as a coward person,LKS

(21) Mohd Fahmy: Racist…rasanya orang nak tengok debat ni tak terfikir pun pasal perkauman…semua nak dengar fakta n hujah masing2….dia sorang je yang tengok ni dari sudut cina vs melayu…dasar rasis!!! 😡😡😡

(23) Mohamad Jamalee: Kah kah kah. Orang panggil apa, ermm..haa.. running with its tail behind its leg.

(24) Glenn Sim: Why chicken out? Is it because you realised that your entire campaign is based upon straight up lies and quarter truths? You so afraid that when you are hit with a fact you are unable to counter since it’s the truth? In this case it is Najib that is saying.. Winner winner chicken dinner! He just roasted you in an oven and you are being eaten up by everyone 😂😂😂😂

(25) Jimmy Woo: Seem like everyone in PH is a U- turner

(26) Tun Faisal Ismail Aziz: Hello apek tua, takkan sudah goyang & takut? Sembang kemain. Tajuk pun dia pilih. Last2 dia nak lari 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

(27) Khidhr Husseyin: as we expected…. Uturn lagi and use a race card as an excuse….korang kan sukat kutuk Najib kaki kepit, takkan takut dengan kaki kepit kut

(28) Hamdan ‘sarjantulang’: jibby bagi can nak londehkan dia secara live hang tak mau.. lepas tu dok komplen jibby hari2 hasut rakyat guna fb… kamon, take a shot..kata full of info and facts…just show to us..brings evidence also…we want to know..

(29) Wei Loon Wan: MENHEN seem no guts to encounter Bossku on the ring 1 on 1…. anyway, MENHEN please pause for keep mumbling Najib n 1MDB from today onwards, ok? #DemocraticEunuchParty

(30) Aminuddin Abu Hassan: Is this the kind of coward leader from dap ?

(31) Muhammad Haziq Akmal: DAP LOGICS: This debate = malay chinese conflict. Racist statements by DAP members = racial harmony. That’s why DAP said no to debate meanwhile they love to make racist statement.

(32) Muhammad Rahman: Hahaha. As expected. The only thing a DaP politician is good at is lying, lying and lying. 🤣

(33) Ian Toss: Stupid LKS. Yg ajak debat – Apek. Yg bagi tajuk – Apek. Yg tarik diri – Apek. Lepastu salahkan Najib dgn mcm2 alasan

(34) Raymie Roosli: LKS you always talk talk talk smpi itu BABi pun bole trbang lo… So now why bnyk takut sama NAJIB… ini bukan otai brbisa ini otai bnyk dosa…. PENAKUT!

(35) Nurul Hafiz Rozeman: hadoi. feeling so excited already. how come??? facepalm lah. or simply just admit what u have done all these years – To tell only half the truth is to give life to a new lie

(36) Lim Ching: ??? What are you talking?? I’m sitting here the whole day just to watch this fantastic debate. 😕disappointed

(37) Kep Italism: This is nothing racial. The subject chosen for the debate is of national interest. Whether LKS and LGE wants to be called a Malay, Chinese, Indian or even Malaysian is not relevant for the debate. After all, it is LKS who threw the challenge first, so he should be man enough to stand up to it. LKS is the best candidate because first and foremost he always mention Najib in his articles. Secondly, he accused Najib so much from killing people up to kleptocracy. So this is actually the time for LKS to strengthen his accusations.

(38) Allif Mohamed: Its time to give a huge shame on najib prove him of corruption,abuses of power and money laundering while it will aired on televison.please dont miss this chance LKS 🙏

(39) Said: Tin kosong…kit siang, ko bimbang truth revealed and ko tak boleh jawab dengan fakta sebab selama ni ko cakap rubbish….nothing but rubbish. Kan???!?!

(40) Vehl Murali: Itulah uncle kitty, mulut tu kena jaga sikit. Dulu kecoh satu kampung. Kini orang panggil debate pun dah kata ada agenda rasis. Betul betul muka rasis

(41) Mohd Ahsanuddin Azmi: Kit siang sembang kencang sangat..penakut tapi acah2 berani..sekali bossku on, ko kit siang pulak tarik diri..teloq mana teloq

(42) Siti Nabila: Eh bodoh lu tak payah cakap Melayu Vs Cina la.. U sgt racist la celaka..This Debate to proof that Najib is kleptocrats in their previous ruling this country. Then why u use term Melayu Vs Cina.. Sudah sedia ke?

(43) Dija Faizah: U turn 😂😂😂Sendiri ajak debate, sendiri bagi topik, bila org dh accept.. Sendiri bagi alasan nk cancel 😂😂😂 sudah takut ke 🤔🤔🤔

(44) PU Matet: malay vs chinese conflict????? lol..ko tu yg racist.. puih 😂😂

(45) Abdul Malik: Come la Uncle Lim the whole Malaysia is waiting for this debate and we want to see how you would expose Najib IMDB scandal since you claim that you have got all the proof,be a man and go for it,REMEMBER RAKYAT IS WATCHING

(46) Sara Arra: Boo takut ke hahaha dia yg nak debat pehtu xnak pulak… Haqi2 sebut nama Najib. Cakap jela sayang Najib

(47) Abd Hadi: Cis pengecut punya dapig. Simpan la ku punya telor. Ni lah contoh tokoh suka baling taik sembunyi tangan. Boooooooo…..

(48) Mohammad Syahmi: You a wise man indeed! Baik malu tarik diri daripada malu dilondehkan kalah debat. Cuma alasan kasi lagi bijak sikit, terpaksa MC ke kucing nak beranak ke. Ni tiba-tiba Malay vs Chinese pulak 😂

(49) Abu Naufal Nu’man: Chickennn… Menang ka kalah ka bukan mati pun apek. Tapi kalau tarik diri. Banyak suey wo. Mati lagi baik woi… Cina dap mmg mcm tu. Pung pang pung pang. Last2 chicken out. Takut apa? 4444

(50) Jonathan Albert: Takut debat dia Dirakam, dulu org tak berkenan nak rakam sebab blom pegang kerajaan, sebab tiada transparency dia tak nampak suka tuduh, boleh buat presepsi, sekarang dah jadi kerajaan, nampak semua, takut nak tuduh, takut silap buat presepsi, takut hilang kepercayaan bila tersilap, boleh hilang kuasa.

(51) Noh Mohd: Sudah tak mahu jangan cakap banyak2….bukan u selalu kata kleptokrasi?sekarang lah masa sesuai cakap depan2 najib pasal kleptokrasi….

(52) Ashar Mohd: You are chicken wuss after all

(53) Othman Ahmad: The conflict between Malays and Chinese had already exist long before PH government was formed. So its not a secret any more. Just continue the debate without giving lame excuses.

(54) Shahrilhafiz Zainol: gua dah agak. hahahahhahahahaga. aritu bukan main semua cakap Najib yg bakal tarik diri. sekarang apa citta? alasan

(55) Thomas Liew: Joe Mani where R youuuu.. your grand father chicken out last minute … 😂😂😂😂😂. …

(56) Lukman Amran: Kebanyakan anjing menyalak-nyalak cuba menakutkan orang. Bila kita datang bawak kayu, tak cukup tanah anjing lari. Kaainnng kaainnng kaaaingg

(57) HaryRay Zahary: Sembang lebih. Rupanya pengecut. Pigi rebus telur tu. Makan sendiri. kahkahkah.

(58) Akmal Faizi: Berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah. Komunis tak bertelur rupanya

(59) Salam Hrmt: Coward decision. He requested for debate, he gave the topic, he himself withdraw the debate he requested. What kind of man he is. Shamefulllllllll!!!!

(60) Syafiq Omar: Yang stuju debat kit siang..yg bagi tajuk kit ball

(61) Shalala AP: Wow bacul LKS, thanks for chicken out aka kinching kuat💦💦

(62) Rasyid Harith: Hahahahahahha… Look at you! Running with your tail between your legs!! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

(63) Abi Ariq Raisya: Halo uncle.. Please la go n hv a debate wth bang jibby.. Don’t shy shy la.. Everyday mentioned his name.. So come on show yr self.. Aduuuu

(64) Nmatfan Nmnor: Telur takde, takut isu teworong, bulangow dan tah apa2 lagi timbul(anak punya isu)

(65) Yeop Kamil: Kit siang chicken…. penakot…. pengecut…. x de telor…. phuuiiiii!!!!!

(66) Amirul Sajer: Takut u punya temberang pecah ka apek? Halaa u lu jangan sembang la.. Orang bodoh sahaja yang boleh percaya u..🤣🤣

(67) Tun Faisal Ismail Aziz: apek tua sudah goyang sbb tak berani jawab psl kes anak dia & tak leh jawab mcm mana mahathir boleh jdkan anak2 dia bilionaire dlm masa yg singkat.. Ni semua kes kleptokrat yg dia tak leh jawab, jd lebih baik lari, takut2 kena heart attack masa tgh debat pulak nanti 🤣🤣🤣

(68) Hän: If Kit Siang does NOT debate with Bossku, this only proves that Kit Siang fitnah all these years. This was Kit Siang chance to prove his accusations on Bossku but he cowardly run away.

(69) Muhd Safiq: Kau sembang, babi pun boleh terbang la LKS.. debat la dgn najib tu kalau betul dia salah org semua nk tgk ni… tarik diri pulak..puihhh

(70) Houng Tatt: Only the wise konon mahacai komen. kit siang yang start api2 nak debat. bagi tajuk bagai. Last-last play race card. 🐷🐷

(71) Masymul Anuar: Telor kecut 2 biji kau punya tu kau dah potong bagi makan anjing ke? Tanya je..

(72) Mohd Fakhruddin: Malu la woi..ajok debat siap bagi tajuk..last2 lari..
Buat apa debat kalau boleh lari

(73) Ezril Mohd: Alamak apek sudah goyang lorrr. Kamon u diktator DAP dari mula tubuh. Takkan takut sama junior

(74) Ahmad Hilmi: Aiya apek. Kalau sudah takut tu, takut la apek. Takut tak boleh jawab Najib ke apek? Telur sudah hilang ke apek? Aiyaaaaaaa. Tidak ku sangka, begitu takut BIGBOSS DAP pada BOSSKU NAJIB ye. Pastu sembang nak kemaih je. Rupanya2 penakut pondan telur masuk dalam. Poooraaahhhhh.

(75) Mami Tanjung Mari: Belum apa2 sulah talik dili ka.. Haaiiiyyaaa.. Debat saja laaa.. Lakyat mau tengok sapa punya paling bijak..

(76) Zul Hasrul Bin Zakaria: Penakut.. xdak isu dh la tue.. tau buat bnda diam2 je.. cthnya dapiG duk letak proxy2 mereka dalam kementerian pendidikan terutama utk adjsut subject sejarah agar lebih mesra dapiG kn?Jgn ingat org x tau.. lepas ni kalau pas dan umno menang.. memang kena cuci semua kementerian dari saki baki daki dan taik2 pakatan hancing.. terutama sekali dapiG.

(77) Adi Cromok Addy Capital: hahahaha .u have embarrased the dap party and all chinese community who support and believe u..what the heck..najib will fried u like a chicken keipi..

(78) Zarina Shafian: Penipu, Pemfitnah mesti pemimpin DAP… dia ni lah punca 13 Mei… boleh pulak org melayu sokong apek tua ni

(79) Zulkhazmi Azam: Wise decision, nnti lgi malu besar wooo…to much perception instead facts… send tony la

(80) Khairul Asraf: Baru ajak berdebat, terus kecut teloq.. Takut kena tepek telur kat dahi la tu.. Kah3..

(81) Mohd Fuzaimi: Boooo…sembang blh tahan…larhhhh…lari sudah..klu takut..debat waktu siang la..😂😂😂

(82) Fairuz Jaffar: Boooo…apek pengecut. Telur dah masuk dalam ke pek? Sembang berdegar2…bila kena cabar tau takut pulak. Puii!!

(83) Khai Khairi: Kau ajk debat kau bgi tajuk..kau plak tk brni..tkme njib pm boleh la kau ajk dia tk nk..skrg njib on ja..haha

(84) Taha Taharada: Bacul.. da kantoi jd penipu dan pmfitnah trhebat… Memalukan… Ni yg org melayu kata… Lari dl sebelum malu… Trbaikk bapak nobita

(85) Mohd Razi Burhan: Sndri cabar, sndri kensel. Klo zaman Kerajaan Kedah Tua dulu ni, perbuatan mcm ni dipanggil “Dungu, Songo, Palui”

(86) Rumi Zerza: Dia cabar. Dia bagi tajuk. Dia pilih moderator…. dia tarik diri 🤣Ladies and Gentlemen,… this is Musibat Am PH, Mr Lim Kit Siang Tolak Malam Masuk Pagi Balik tengahari 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Ayam Talam Minta Najib Razak Makan Kombo ! 😂

(87) Johari Din: Kit Siang takut terowong anaknya pecah jika debat diteruskan…kelentongsi

(88) Ahmad Nazeem: Sendiri cabar ajak debat. Sendiri bagi tajuk. Sendiri pilih moderator. Sendiri lari tak berani. HAHAHAHAHAHANCING !

(89) FarrIzan Anick: Atuk Kit SiangMalam, wht happened? Chicken-out! Wht…? r u afraid of DSNR? OR u r afraid tht DSNR will “peel” u till naked!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

(90) Isma Siraz: Sndri ajak debat..sndri tarik diri..kah kah…last skali bg jawapan ni sume salah najib..haha

(91) Long KP Bai LaoHu: goyang la ini org tua… sembang hebat, ceramah A++… enchek najib ajak berdebat mcm² alasan nak ngelak, dulu sibuk cabar, bila skang enchek Najib Razak ajak debat laju telo masuk dalam sembunyi ye

(92) Mat Fiah: Kit siang chicken la apek. Sembang belakang berani la. Tuduh org itu ini.

(93) Klafar Aaron: Aik dah bagi topic lepastu taknak debat pulak? Takut kantoi ke penipuan selama ni? Kah3 sore loser

(94) Moli Nismilan: Sembang pum pang…Kit Siang ni tapi rupanya Chicken..go and hide somethere…masuk Dalam Gua la…

(95) KaiKai Ma: Lol😂😂 excuses. No one made it racial except you😂.Not suprising thou.. you create the lies you cover and deny it. You create the problems you say u solve it😂😂DAP modus operandi( Gerakan DAP). Tak boleh jawap atau tak berjaya.. bangkitkan pihak lain main isu perkauman

(96) Yuri Wizurai: Satu dunia sedang menyaksikan DAP dan Lim kit siang adalah paling pengecut di dunia..

(97) Syaqrani: Alo Kit Siang..since when u become chicken? Lu ajak Najib berdebat, then u tarik diri dan bagi macam2 alasan. What a joke la lu ni Kit Siang.

(98) Abg Marshal: Yang setuju debat, Kit Siang. Yang bagi tajuk debat, Kit Siang. Yang tarik diri juga Kit Siang. Tak sampai dua hari sudah pusing

(99) Hvz Man: Always uturn, coward ah? You already give an issue for debates, but now, surrender.. Coward kit siang.. You make shame all ‘lim’ generation… Dont just talk so much without facts.

(100) Cik Isabella: Kesian u uncle.kenapa u ajak najib debate,kenapa u cadang tajuk,sekarang u mau tarik diri.itula jangan cakap besar..dulu2 uncle juga macam ini.masuk komunis,bila komunis dah nak kalah,uncle merayu tunku abdul rahman minta ampun.lepas tu uncle buat lagi,sebar fitnah sampai jadi rusuhan 13 mei.lagi sekali uncle merayu tun razak maaf uncle.uncle..uncle..kesian sikit sama kaum u mau cari makan.sebab u uncle,ramai orang benci cina.

(101) Ridz D Awi: Siapa yang ajak debat?…hari hari cerita pasal najib,hari hari cerita pasal rompak,hari hari kutuk najib,najib sahut cabaran,…siapa bagi tajuk?…ada tangan tangan ghaib takut perkara lain akan terbongkar secara siaran langsung?…orang yang merendah diri,tidak akan mencabar orang lain…kau punya cara ni serupa orang yang sombong,tak mahu kalah dan takut kalah…

(102) Muhammad Zulhafizan Zakaria: call a spade a spade… pengecut is pengecut… and that is you mr. chicken 🐓🐓🐓🐓

(103) Haslam Ramzan: Woww Apek si Raja Fitnah sudah kecut telur maa…itu laa lain kali pakai lu punya otak kasi fikir sebelum buat sesuatu,itu otak jangan simpan taik…apek kit siang,lu boleh pegi jahanam…

(104) Leman Ho: Hahaha..i bet..he will run too and will not defend this country if anything me

(105) Rizal Assura: Self propose and self cancellation. Think before do anything next time.

(106) Mohd NaZri: Tau pun kau takut . Rakyat tahu kau pasti kalah debat. Dan berlari masuk gua sambil menangis

(107) Nazmi Aziz: 😂😂. Sendiri cabar. Sendiri pilih tajuk. Sendiri letak syarat. Last2 sendiri tarik diri. Ayam la lu kit siang.. 😂 😂

(108) Abd Hamid Atan: Ini Cina DAP mana ada telor, belakang banyak cerita, depan2 terus jadi takut.

(109) Azizi Azmil: Itu dia. Statement Kit Siang panjang lebar untuk tarik diri dari debat. Yang setuju debat, Kit Siang. Yang bagi tajuk debat, Kit Siang. Yang tarik diri juga Kit Siang. Tak sampai dua hari.

(110) Kyrel Jumper: U dont have power, najib oso dont have power. Y scare? All this while, ur mouth never shut up. And this time u scare to debate. “Debat bukan budaya kita”? So a riot is our culture meh?

(111) Faisal Zainodin: Ayoyo camonlh apek bila lg mau tau siapa hebat… Kau asik hentak dsnr…skli dia ajak cara betul ko xmau… So kami faham knp?…siapa yg takut dgn bayang2 skrg…

(112) Nasrul Haq: Takut ‘ditelanjangkan’ ke..?? debate not propose by najib wo.. u urself offer.. that time u dont think bout all those thing u mentioned now ar?? Aiyya.. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

(113) Bulan Pedang: Hidup kalau menipu, tetap menipu. Dh takut kantoi kalah ke apek terowongcracy?

(114) Afiq Bakri: Apa la lu apek.. Dengan najib pun lu takut.. Hampeh tak boleh harap lah lu apek..kahkahkah

(115) James Zhang: What a pathetic excuses! Be man enough accepted the challenge throw by Najib ! Failing which please cease your nonsensical political rhetoric with volume of deceitful wiles! Hiprocrite of the highest order! Puii

(116) Hazim Ab Hamid: You have lost your integrity long time a ago.

(117) Zabidy Mustafa: Read Lim Kit Siang statement. The debate has nothing to do with racial or Malay vs Chinese yet he again and again raised racial and religion issues. People want to know the truth about the debacle and ignominious failure accusations against DS Najib. He cowardly withdrew himself despite his challenges. Rakyat now can make assumption the whole DAP and PH political accusations in the media all this while. It is to create mere perceptions. Hope the court do justice and not just to please the running government. Be fair according to the law.

(118) Nordin Onn: Kit siang xde telor…penakut…mahachai2 pun dah boleh agak kit siang pasti kalah…tu yg mahachai tak galakan kit siang berdebat dgn najib

(119) Vanessa Lee: Your son said he is not a chinese, what’s something to do with race?

(120) Naufal Hakim: Penakut rupanya Kit Siang. Sembang kemas sangat. MenHEN ini mengecewakan kita semua. Masa ni la nak balun bossku tu. Bagi dia terkedu.

(121) Wan Ex Nmax: Haha..shame on you la Apekk..chicken want to run away…coward and liar…pergi mampuslah Apekkk sembang kuat..phuittt

(122) Huggy Squeezy: DAP punya kapla sdah xada tulor kaa..?? To all my Dap frens…you punya ketua banyak kasi malu laaa… Fitnah saja pandai…fakta xpandai…tulor smua sdah lariii…!!

(123) Azhari Lti: u know u will loses debate with najib..and what are u spoke the “story” to raykat is false and not true..u scared what are u doing before this is lying rakyat to become raykat

(124) Khairuzzaman Zainul: Najib ajak debat x berani..lepas 2 kat fb n blog u hari2 pos pasal najib n najib n najib…walhal telur u pun sudah hilang..berani d sebalik dinding saja..owh kit siang u manyak tipu ma

(125) Hazeem Khan: Macammana nak berani debat..kekencingan PH dah penuh kantong..Takut Dato Najib londehkan lagi..meletup terus

(126) Qiyyai Rahman: Bodo penakut. Cakap pongpangpongpang habuk takda. Rumah kata pergi kubur kata mari apej

(127) Hamdan Salamon: Not wise decision when you asked najib for debate but you did it. At the same time you withdrew instantly. Pls think carefully uncle.

(128) Anuar Ahmad: Orang nak tengok fakta bukan nak tengok melayu vs cina..otak tu kalau dah rasis semua bende pon nak Di kaitkan dgn Rasis.. Hanya orang rasis yg akan sentiasa berperasaan rasis.. #PH sepenggal

(129) Hudzaifah M.Azmi: I have been following DSN for quite some time. None of his posts are around playing the race card. It is you that is trying to devide Malaysians!!!

(130) Ttuck Ng: You can now shut up and refrain from making any comment wrt Najib starting today 👎

Those are merely 130 out of an avalanche of more than 8,300 comments. 99.9% are, to put it mildly, criticising, condemning, mocking, ridiculing and/or humiliating Lim Kit Siang for withdrawing from the debate for truth.

“I know my decision will be greeted with tempests of allegations that I am a coward. My 53 years of politics is an open book for Malaysians to judge whether I am a coward or not, and I am always prepared to subject myself to the judgement of Malaysians. However, there is one thing I will not compromises – the higher interests of the nation and Malaysians.” – Lim Kit Siang

As all of us can conclude from the avalanche of responses, Malaysians have judged that Lim Kit Siang is a coward, a liar, a racist and a hypocrite.

On a side note, RSN Rayer then made a pitiful attempt at damage control to save DAP/PH’s face by challenging Najib to a debate. Rayer is of course just a minion not worth Najib’s time. Najib winning a debate against Rayer couldn’t make Rayer look anymore pathetic than he already is. Apart from Rayer having to improve his English, this low class DAP MP struggles to attract even 100 responses to any of his Facebook postings.

Lim Kit Siang has forfeited the right to carry on barking at Najib but we can expect that he will only bark louder to hide his cowardice, shame and humiliation. It’s just a fact of life that dogs don’t know the proverb that barking dogs don’t bite.

– AA –

2 thoughts on “National Humiliation and TKO Blow of Lim Kit Siang, DAP and PH

  1. I’ve had enuf of those comments, they are all right on the dot. But here’s my own, to add to the 130. And this is my first on AA home. You see, most of us, if not all, must have read a lot, really really a lot, of writings by Bossku about our current affairs the past 12 months or so. And what is your personal opinion about all those writings? FACTUAL. ALWAYS FULL OF FACTS AND FIGURES, NO RHETORICS. And, between DS Najib and LKS, who do you see as being the one who’s more inclined to talk a lot of BS! Yes, definitely Apek lah. So, it’s not surprise at all to see him running away from serious business. Anyways, I had already anticipated it was all Apek “gempaq” tactic as usual. kist to impress his followers.

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