New MACC chief is the right person to prevent Anwar from becoming PM

The appointment of Latheefa Koya reflects yet again the true character of Pakatan Harapan — a bunch of liars and hypocrites. To be fair, many within PH are also unhappy with the “process” of the appointment — namely, there wasn’t any.

PH’s Manifesto, Janji #14 was very clear and explicit on the appointment of SPRM chief.

Syed Saddiq, a known liar, whiner and hypocrite, was also very clear and explicit.

Syed Saddiq’s false promises. Go troll him here.

How many lies has he told in this one post?

(1) Lantikan telah dibuat oleh Perdana Menteri
(2) Power was not returned to Parliament, let alone back to the people
(3) Lim Guan Eng dibebaskan apabila pendakwaan rasuah digugurkan oleh AG Tommy
(4) In addition to LGE’s corruption case, justice was also seen to be obstructed when AG Tommy dropped charges against Rafizi Ramli, Siti Kassim, Kim Jong-nam’s assassin and the employer who abused her maid to death.

And here’s another blatant display of hypocrisy by the meow meow minister:

Syed Saddiq protests against double standards and yet did not protest when Lim Guan Eng did not get the same treatment as Najib. Najib was dragged to court despite lack of evidence of corruption — till today we have not seen any from the prosecutors — while, on the other hand, Lim Guan Eng was spared from continuing with the trial in court despite overwhelming evidence of corruption. Syed Saddiq should have insisted that Lim Guan Eng proceed with the trial for prosecutors to prove their charges — or for LGE to prove his innocence (which he won’t have been able to) — and let the court decide.

Syed Saddiq said support should be given to MACC but he himself did not show support for MACC when the agency said they were shocked at the withdrawal of the charges against LGE.

I won’t condemn him for congratulating Latheefa Koya on her appointment per se but the least he could do is have the decency to apologise to the Malaysian people for yet another false promise and hypocrisy.

These are some of the replies that Syed Saddiq received:

More replies here

People are obviously nauseated by this hypocrite minister, who is also known as Menteri Lollipop.

Law Minister in PM’s Department, Datuk Liew Vui Keong said:

“The appointment of Latheefa Koya by the Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as the new MACC chief is in line with the law as stipulated under Section 5 (1) of the MACC Act 2009 (Act 694). Hence, the need to refer to the Cabinet or the Parliamentary Select Committee does not arise”

Syahredzan Johan, Lim Kit Siang’s boy servant, also tried the same diversion.

These two morons don’t get it. Or they are merely pretending to not get it. Nobody is questioning the legality. The legality of the appointment is not the point. PH made big promises to the people and, again, betrayed all Malaysians big time.

Comedian Dr Jason Leong went overboard with his description of Latheefa. His jokes and jibes are as funny as Khalid Samad’s.

“The purpose of such a committee becomes meaningless if such appointments are made unilaterally without even consulting the Cabinet. With respect, unilateral appointments such as this is not part of a healthy democracy and ought not to happen, irrespective of the quality or otherwise of the appointee.” — Ramkarpal Singh, DAP chariman of national legal bureau

Cabinet was not consulted and only knew about the appointment through the media.

“We are not aware. No, it was not discussed in the Cabinet or the Pakatan Harapan presidential council meetings. We made a promise that we would make the MACC answerable to Parliament. For the post of the chief, we are saying we prefer for it to go through the Parliamentary select committee.” – Saifuddin Nasution, Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister

Source: The Star – Cabinet unaware of Latheefa’s MACC appointment, say three ministers

Deputy PM Wan Azizah and her husband Anwar Ibrahim were also not consulted.

“(Pelantikan) itu dilihat sebagai lantikan politik dan janji manifesto tidak dilaksanakan. Saya rasa penting rakyat mendapat penjelasan mengapa manifesto tidak dihormati…” – Anwar Ibrahim

Source: Utusan Malaysia – Pelantikan Latheefa: PM perlu beri penjelasan

“Manifesto tidak dipatuhi, dan nampak seperti lantikan politik… saya rasa perlu penjelasan diberikan kepada orang ramai berhubung isu itu, mengapa manifesto tidak diberi perhatian, tidak dihormati…” – Anwar Ibrahim

Source: Bernama – PM perlu beri penjelasan mengenai pelantikan Latheefa

Deep down Anwar is pissed and panicking. Mahathir’s response was simple:

I didn’t discuss with the Cabinet. Normally I make the decision myself because I don’t have to ask the Cabinet as to who I approve. I ask others that have knowledge about this person’s character. No need for the Cabinet to make the decision. If Cabinet decides, it binds me. So with this, I am free to assess whoever is proposed and I choose. It’s always like that. You have to listen to everybody and then you make your assessment, and you approve whoever it is that you want to approve. I’ve been doing this a long, long time ago. For example, the DAP proposed me as a prime minister. That was a surprise to me. Sometimes we get surprises.”

Source: Malay Mail – Dr M says didn’t consult Cabinet on Latheefa to avoid constraints of ministers’ views

In other words, Mahathir is saying “F*** the manifesto, the cabinet, Parliament, the people and the lot of you. I’m still the dictator around here”. (Pardon the ‘F’ word… I couldn’t think of a more suitable verb). So, penjelasan apa lagi yang Anwar perlu?

At the risk of asking or stating the obvious, who should feel threatened by Latheefa’s appointment? Certainly not Najib. His cases are already in court. None other than Anwar Ibrahim. Mahathir cannot allow him to take over as Prime Minister because he knows what Anwar is capable of. Both of them have not forgiven each other and they never will.

No sooner said, here we go…

Anwar’s supporters can sign the petition here.

To be honest, I think most PKR supporters (namely Anwar’s supporters) will be too afraid to sign the petition in case they are found out and then charged for a crime they didn’t commit. (PH Rule of Law).

Basically PKR is split into two camps: Anwar-Rafizi vs Azmin-Latheefa.

This looks like the beginning of the end for the bekas banduan. Within the Pakatan Harapan alliance, PPBM is of course anti-Anwar — they are natural enemies — while DAP is mostly pro Anwar.

Lim Kit Siang declared that he will quit politics if Mahathir does not give the PM post to Anwar. That’s a stupid thing to say because that will only motivate Mahathir even more to take down Anwar — kill two birds with one stone.

Ladies and gentlemen, put aside the rendang and take out popcorn. Salam Aidilfitri, maaf zahir dan batin.

– AA –

2 thoughts on “New MACC chief is the right person to prevent Anwar from becoming PM

  1. See how desperately the DAP tries to smoothen things and keep the shaky alliance together. These hypocrites don’t care about the “transparency, justice, fair play” etc. which they shout about. All they want is to get Malays and Muslims to be divided, and for them to usurp power. With the connivance of lapdogs like those in PAN and the Malays only interested in their own well-being.

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