Tun M’s foul-mouthed Blogger Ahmad Faris Rabidin @ Sat Dee is rewarded with directorships in SC and Petronas

Ahmad Faris Rabidin on Facebook, Twitter and blog

The foul-mouthed Facebooker/blogger can no longer hide his true identity. Ahmad Faris Rabidin has been rewarded for having produced the most long-winded bullshit on 1MDB and other services rendered to his political masters. The identity of this blogger is now out in the open — too many people already know who he is and it would be pointless for Faris to deny that he is indeed the foul-mouthed snivelling coward and pervert known as Sat Dee.

Even ex-PM Najib Razak had to highlight one of the jokes of the year.

Public perception towards his appointment is too obvious.

Still no evidence Najib stole RM2.6 billion from 1MDB while national debt has shot up by RM100 billion. The common factor: Ahmad Faris Rabidin @ Sat Dee.

Only those with a poor grasp of corporate finance and accounting swallow the waffle and screenshots of documents he shared as “proof” that RM2.6 billion was stolen from 1MDB. His ignorant followers are impressed by the sheer quantity of information and misinformation regardless of the quality of his strawman arguments and diversions. He was banking on the low IQ of his followers to not be able to see through his arguments and questions that were as convincing that billions were stolen from 1MDB (and transferred to Najib’s political donations account) as proving that pigs can fly.

Nonetheless, based on all the evidence that Faris Rabidin claims to have, we look forward to seeing him appearing as a prosecution witness in the 1MDB and SRC trials. Until today he keeps forgetting to pass them to AG Tommy Thomas so the SRC trial just keeps dragging on while Tommy — who appears to be groping in the dark — has to keep postponing the 1MDB trial. Tommy might already realise by now, much to his frustration, that Faris was just a low class foul-mouthed blogger, whose job was to write convoluted nonsense to create false perceptions.

Faris is part of the 1MDB Investigating Committee reporting to the comical Council of Eminent Persons (formed by Tun M), which explains why the prosecution has been running on empty — until today there has been no evidence that Najib stole RM2.6 billion from 1MDB. So much for previously crying out for Mutual Legal Assistance, which until today has been nothing more than a wild goose chase.

Faris is also part of the Debt and Liability Management Committee (reporting to Tun M), which explains why national debt has increased by RM100 billion, even after taking RM80 billion from Petronas. Either he hasn’t got a clue what he’s doing or just nods his head in meetings.

Tun M feels it would be fair to reward PH’s barking dogs

Tun Mahathir said before (on appointing Latheefa Koya as MACC chief) that “it would be unfair if PH could not reward those who had worked hard to help it win the 14th general election“. We have seen squabbles and infighting among PPBM/PH supporters on Facebook due to dissatisfaction expressed by those who were not rewarded with positions or projects, apart from blaming each other for losing the by-elections.

As his reward, Faris was appointed to the Board of the Securities Commission and now on the Board of Petronas. Lying an licking the right boots (or something else as in Haziq Aziz’s case) will take you to high places in the PH Government. Another PH blogger, Jebat-Must-Die, whose real name is Endie Shazlin, was appointed press secretary to Tun Mahathir

Qualifications, experience and good character are of little relevance to the PH administration, such as seen in the composition of the Cabinet as well as the appointment of Tommy Thomas as Attorney-General and Latheefa Koya as MACC chief. As for the ministers, they have time and time again made a laughing stock of themselves and unfortunately also Malaysia.

The foul-mouthed pervert

It would be good for SC and Petronas employees to know a little bit about their director. It may help them know what level to take their communication and inter-personal skills to when engaging him. For example, when having a conversation with him, he might want to know about your family background, especially your mother.

Ahmad Faris Rabidin’s Facebook posts

I don’t know the kind of relationship he had with his mother or the desire he had for his mother but he is obviously a sick pervert who seems to judge others by his own standards.

He’s not too happy when you detect his lack of substance and rebut him. I suspect his mother must have slapped him many times for trying to get funny with her.

Some examples of Ahmad Faris Rabidin’s language skills during discussions

We can only assume that Ahmad Faris Rabidin @ Sat Dee is a pervert who is mentally ill and emotionally unstable but what matters is that Tun M values his blind loyalty. After all, Azmin Ali still remains as Tun M’s minister of economic affairs.

Berlagak macam gangster tapi hati tisu

Snivelling cowards like Ahmad Faris Rabidin can’t take as good as they can give. As a result of a comment I made about him yesterday, my main Facebook account has been banned for 30 days starting today.

It is due to such cowardly acts by PH supporters resulting in my account being banned and posts being removed many times that I started this blog.

– AA –

2 thoughts on “Tun M’s foul-mouthed Blogger Ahmad Faris Rabidin @ Sat Dee is rewarded with directorships in SC and Petronas

  1. Salaam Tuan

    What is the background of this blogger? Suitably – if not highly – Qualified to be in SC, MOF debt committee, Petronas? Seen him regularly makan2 Dgn PM’s Econ Advisor.


    1. Waalaikumussalam. He holds a degree in actuarial science and has experience in bonds. However he has shown his ignorance in accounting, M&A and corporate finance. He thinks like an inexperienced banker or regulator with no business and economic sense. I wouldn’t argue he would be highly qualified to work in insurance companies.


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