Brains of Dumb & Dumber – Guan Eng and Tommy – gone missing

At the risk of stating the obvious, Malaysia has a moron for a finance Minister and an utter idiot for an Attorney-General.

Lim Guan Eng and Tommy Thomas tend to look out for each other. Tommy had dropped corruption charges against Lim Guan Eng while the case was being tried in court. Lim Guan Eng then helped Tommy give the false impression that the AGC had recovered “stolen 1MDB money” from the US government.

Lim Guan Eng told another outright lie in Parliament — that the previous BN government had robbed/stolen GST money.

Lim Guan Eng mintak nyawa dengan Tommy Thomas

Due to Lim Guan Eng being widely known as a pathological liar, he sought support from AG Tommy Thomas to validate his false accusation. Not only Tommy knew next to nothing about treasury management but he also, not for the first time, displayed his ignorance and incompetence in the law.

Blind leading the blind

Tommy couldn’t justify Lim Guan Eng’s lie so the best he could do was to give a false opinion that the transfer of funds from one government account (GST Refund Account) to another government account (the Consolidated Revenue Account) was in violation of the law, which is still a lie.

I don’t know if Tommy, being a lawyer, was too drunk to understand that the GST Act 2014 should be read in full and together with the Financial Procedure Act 1957.

Due to incompetence, laziness or being drunk, Tommy forgot to read Section 54(5) of the GST Act. If Tommy did read the section in full and yet issued the same false opinion, then he was being dishonest and a liar, which also wouldn’t be for the first time as evident in the Adib Inquest.

PAC confirms no GST money was robbed, stolen or missing

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) investigated and confirmed that no money was missing, let alone robbed or stolen.

In addition, not only did the Treasury secretary-general also confirm no money was robbed or stolen but he also said that in no way was the money misused.

The PAC reported that no money was missing but mentioned that RM1.5 billion was overdue, which is nothing unusual for a government department when it comes to refunds, payments to vendors, suppliers and contractors.

It has, however, still not sunk in for Tun Mahathir.

I can only quote something from the internet:

“Don’t try to explain yourself to stupid people. You’re not the Jackass Whisperer”

Lim Guan Eng’s Damage Control

After Lim Guan was proven to have lied, he could do nothing more than put up a Bill Clinton type of defence. Bill Clinton had his own definition of “sexual relations”

Similarly Lim Guan Eng had his own definition of “rompak” (rob) and did not wish for the term to be debated because he didn’t want to dig a deeper hole for himself.

Like father (Lim Kit Siang) like son. The apple does not fall far from the tree.

Even Tun Mahathir’s lawyer, Haniff Khatri, said that Lim Guan Eng should apologise for his false accusation.


(i) PAC has confirmed and proven that no GST money was robbed, stolen or missing.
(i) Lim Guan Eng lied that the GST money was robbed or stolen.
(ii) Lim Guan Eng lied further that the definition of “rompak” (rob) is valid depending on “context and different perspective”.
(iii) AG Tommy Thomas lied that the transfer of funds from the GST Refund Account to the Consolidated Revenue Account was in violation of the law.
(iv) Both Lim Guan Eng and AG Tommy Thomas are ignorant of the SOP of treasury and GST fund management.

In the meantime:

Facebook – Ahmad Maslan

Dumb & Dumber should resign or be sacked for their lies, dishonesty and incompetence.

– AA –

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