AG Tommy wants Najib to apologise for telling the truth on Facebook

AG Tommy’s worst enemy is the truth, especially when it comes straight from the person he is falsely accusing of money laundering and abuse of power.

All Najib did innocently was to post on Facebook an explanation on why he had bought stuff (in Italy and Hawaii) after a prosecution witness testified that Najib’s credit card bill came to RM3.3 million. (See Najib’s Facebook posting below). Even then, Najib did not elaborate further because of the ongoing trial, whereby he said:

“Oleh kerana kes SRC in masih dalam perbicaraan, saya tak dapat menjelaskan dengan lebih lanjut pada masa ini.”

Nonetheless Tommy complained to the judge:

He (Najib) cannot go around posting his version of events as the trial is ongoing. He should be ordered to issue a full and unconditional apology. He must also be told that this conduct cannot be repeated

Source: NST 18/7/2019 – AG wants Najib to apologise over Facebook posting

What is upsetting for Tommy is that the version of events told by Najib is the truth i.e. the version that Tommy does not want the court and public to know.

Najib’s lawyer was taken aback by Tommy’s objection. I think many people including the Malaysian Bar was also surprised because Tommy had gone against his own principle of free speech and his detest for the principle of sub-judice (see below).

In fact, it was because Tommy was supposedly a passionate supporter of free speech that he got Wanji released from prison after having been convicted for seditious remarks against Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, as well as on religion on Facebook.

Under PH Rule of Law, it’s okay for Wanji to utter seditious speech on Facebook but Najib is not allowed to tell the truth on Facebook.

Soon after Tommy Thomas was appointed AG, he had said:

I am first and foremost a supporter of free speech. I passionately believe in free speech. So free speech means listening to things you don’t like to hear. So anybody everybody can say everything. You folks are entitled to say what you want. It doesn’t bother me one bit.

Which is why I was against the gag order. That silly gag order which has been set aside.

So… and… bear in mind we do not have a jury. Again, you know, members of the Bar know my position for years.

I have never accepted the principle of sub-judice. The principle of sub-judice does not exist in Malaysia because juries don’t exist.

If judges of Malaysia – all the judges of Malaysia – are professional career full-time judges… if the judges of Malaysia are influenced by what they read, they should not be on the bench. If the Attorney-General of the day is influenced by what he reads, the press and what people say, he shouldn’t be in the job. So I assure you those factors are never taken into account by me.

Please, everybody speak. It’s a free country. Especially on 1MDB. 1MDB is so important to every member of the country. In fact the whole world should talk about it. It’s the world’s greatest kleptocracy.

So carry on speaking. Everybody speaks. Say what you want. And when you say these things there will be mistakes and errors. It doesn’t matter. I am not influenced in my decision making.

Source: Youtube video

Well, so much for “You folks are entitled to say what you want. It doesn’t bother me one bit“.

Under the PH Rule of Law, finance minister Lim Guan Eng is allowed to lie in Parliament and also not be punished for corruption. Wanji can get away with sedition charges. Murderers are set free. A minister who broke the law having gay sex doesn’t even have to go on leave during investigations.

But explaining on Facebook why you went shopping is not allowed.

– AA –

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