Ivermectin: Rakyat’s meat is KKM’s poison. KKM should take its medicine and lift the ban.

The Malaysian Government is being irresponsible refusing to lift the ban on Ivermectin despite the increasing number of daily cases and deaths. The excuse that there is insufficient data is weak if not, as more time has passed, quickly progressing to becoming a blatant lie.

It can’t be because of the risk of side effects because vaccines also have been proven to have side effects. Indeed, side effects of vaccines have been severe or fatal in many cases. If WHO and KKM claim the vaccine’s side effects occur only in a small percentage of people vaccinated then the percentage is even lower for those who have taken ivermectin.

Potential side effects of the vaccines aside, their efficacy has been shown to be more or less 50:50 against the highly infectious Delta variant. This is not good enough.

There could be a number of reasons why KKM has not approved ivermectin for prevention (prophylaxis) or treatment of COVID-19.

• Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba is afraid of being expelled from the WHO executive board.

• Despite all the money spent on campaigning and promoting vaccines, people will instead opt for the more effective ivermectin. KJ, especially, will look stupid after trying all kinds of marketing gimmicks such as getting celebrities and athletes to call for people to vaccinate and putting up booths for people to pose for photos with a big sign that says “Saya telah divaksin” so they can post it on the social media.

• The government / KKM are afraid that once they lift the ban, the curve will start to flatten and there will be less hospitalisation and deaths. Why would they be afraid of this? Because they will be criticised by the public that many lives were lost as a result of the ban.

I do not want to go into chemical, biological, biochemical, genetic studies, clinical trials and statistical data and all kinds of scientific/empirical evidence that lead only to endless debate and analysis paralysis. We have seen and heard enough from experts from all fields – from pro-vaccine, anti-vaccine, pro-ivermectin, anti-ivermectin, independent experts, pro ubat cacing, anti ubat haiwan etc etc. Enough lah. After all that, it now comes down to rationale, logic and common sense. And courage.

Never mind the RM5 billion spent on the vaccination programme. What’s done is done. Nobody should blame the government for that. Decisions were made based on available information at the time – and they were in a panic — but now we are very much more well informed. After many decades, ivermectin has not been known to cause harm so what’s different today? There’s nothing to lose but only lives to save. Hardly any downside and immense potential upside. The benefits far outweigh the risks. So, let’s just focus on moving forward.

Here’s how to end the pandemic:

  1. Lift the ban on ivermectin. Approve it for emergency use for both prevention and early treatment.
  2. Allow private hospitals and private clinics to administer or prescribe ivermectin to patients.
  3. Use the vaccination centres and COVID-19 Assessment Centres (CAC) to also optionally administer or supply ivermectin. Preferably FOC but otherwise charge for it.
  4. Allow public to buy limited amount of ivermectin from pharmacies or authorised online merchants
  5. Do not force people to vaccinate i.e. don’t impose conditions that you have to be vaccinated to go to designated places e.g. masjid, rentas negeri etc. Vaccination is a primary cause of high number of cases because for a certain time it severely weakens the immunity system and the person can be more susceptible to COVID (or any other disease) even when he is quarantined at home (but people around him can still infect him, even the courier rider). No, I am not anti-vaccine but I simply don’t trust drugs that are unproven (especially the long term effects). Furthermore, the vaccines have not even been approved as a vaccine by WHO but merely approved for emergency use, therefore, ivermectin should also be approved for the same reason i.e. for emergency use.
  6. Issue a public health advisory notice (on the advice of nutritionists and health experts) on what other ways there are to boost the immunity system e.g. types of food (fruit, greens, garlic, etc), supplements (vitamins etc), natural supplements (habatussauda, garlic capsules etc).

Allow people to choose between the vaccine and ivermectin or in having both.

The above could possibly result in Malaysia being expelled from the WHO executive board but the government will be applauded by the rakyat for their righteous and conscientious stand.

Just do it. Please.

– AA –

19 thoughts on “Ivermectin: Rakyat’s meat is KKM’s poison. KKM should take its medicine and lift the ban.

  1. If ivermectine is so effective against Covid-19 and its mutants, how come majority of the countries facing the pandemic still do not administer the drug to their citizens? Since the drug is cheap, it is a wonder why poor countries still hesitant to use it. Accusing the government and KKM as irresponsible something that has no substantial proof and basis is in itself irresponsible act.


    1. You appear to have no clue on what I wrote about nor do you understand the context of “emergency use”. Nor have you read testimonies of doctors, pharmacists and other experts on ivermectin. If you’re too lazy and incapable of doing your own homework, then just read the part again of letting people decide for themselves if they want to take it – perhaps you can’t think for yourself and are so used to the government deciding for you. Ivermectin, which is a common drug since the 1970s was never banned in Malaysia until recently. Didn’t I tell you to use logic and common sense? Now read the post again, especially the proposed solution, and come up with more intelligent comments or questions instead of menganjing macam orang bodoh. Guna lah otak sikit for the sake of saving lives if not to have a little bit of activity between your ears.


      1. XUMNO – Humans are also MAMMALS. All medicine for HUMANS is first tested on ANIMALS, isn.t it?


      2. Xumno, a simple research on google will show you it is a drug for animal and HUMAN. Millions have use it. WHO have appoved it since 1981.


  2. “I simply don’t trust drugs that are unproven (especially the long term effects).”, and yet you are suggesting of ivermectin being used for the people.

    You sir, are contradicting yourself. Please stop the act of deceiving the public and manipulate it for your own agendas. (If you have any though.)

    And another thing, medical world don’t rely on testimonials and old wive’s tale to treat patient.
    Please stick to your field of expertise and don’t meddle with medical world.

    P/s : Abusing of Ivermectin can cause hepatitis. (And we don’t even know what other side effects can be cause by prolong usage of Ivermectin as of there is no clinical studies yet.)


    1. 1) Please do some homework. Ivermectin was approved by FDA a long time ago. That alone is actually not necessarily good enough for me but firstly, after all these decades, there have been no issues other than for small minority of cases (what about side effects of vaccines then?) and, secondly, read again that I said… if the vaccine, which is a much newer drug, can be approved for emergency use then why not also ivermectin for the same reason? If you don’t want to take ivermectin then that is your choice but something is wrong with you when you don’t want others to take it. (Yes, I have ivermectin and doxycycline as recommended by the doctor and pharmacist, who contradict your opinion. They are obviously more competent than you).

      2) It’s strange that you were unable to understand when I said that views and recommendations are from experts in their fields. I made no claim of being a medical expert, while it looks like you’re no expert in the English language. That’s why I said that for other people like me, we then rely on logic and common sense, which is what you’re obviously lacking. Simple logic and common sense suggest that the ban should be lifted and to let private doctors do what they believe will work for their patients, and they obviously know about ivermectin and their patients more than you. So don’t meddle with how those private doctors treat their patients.

      3) Can you please let me know what agenda I could possibly have? I really would like to know.

      P/S – Not only ivermectin but abusing any medication, including panadol and cough mixture, will cause harm. If you lack enough common sense to understand that, then do consult a medical expert instead of taking my word for it. (The potential side effects of ivermectin have been made known — read up on it. So you already know the long term side effects of the covid vaccines?)

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    2. Just wondering why you say this ya?

      “And another thing, medical world don’t rely on testimonials and old wive’s tale to treat patient.
      Please stick to your field of expertise and don’t meddle with medical world.”

      What do you mean by old wives’ tales? … I don’t think ivermectin was used based on anecdotal evidence… but instead based on expert opinions, some small controlled trials, and also meta analysis, right? But plz correct me if I’m wrong. Tq 🙂


  3. Dear AA, like your article. Very sensible indeed.. with more data from India, Mexico, Zimbabwe n more, it is obvious now that ivermectine, used as per FLCCC protocol us effective. It is for any individual to decide. No one, goverment, NGO, KKM or any entity like FDA, CDC etc to tell me how I shoul take of myself.. jess

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  4. Ribuan terima kasih, Encik Azmi Arshad. It’s so very heartening to finally hear someone speaking so much sense that so called ‘experts’ don’t. Bila ada agenda, even experts can’t think right and wholesome. I thank you from the very bottom of my heart for enlightening us. Please continue your good work and may you and family be blessed abundantly 🙏

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  5. Dear Tuan, the internet is full of information.. one to look at authetic recognized insititutions like AIMS, Zimbabwe govt, other govt data etc.
    Not to believe such reputable data will be UNBELIEVABLE..
    Nothing new to hear nay sayers without supporting data, research etc.. just sad, believe they might be trollers.

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    1. You’re right. And we are relying on the experts who give their views and recommendations based on the data. There was, however, an issue on research standards regarding the study by Elgazzar of Benha University (Egypt) but the reliability is only regarding that study and does not discredit the others. Hoping to get an update on that.


  6. More so, in the last century many countries have gone to war over oil… OPEC vs Others and bombarments, damage etc.. with solar and EV, oil is a sunset industry.
    Welcome to the new century.. its now pharma war.. who can control..
    The X behind wants to creat chaos in the world, look at every country uprising, revolting against lockdown, fights in Parliament.
    Nay sayers perhaps dont follow the news.. good luck who cannot safe themselves…. . jess


    1. I understand what you’re saying vis-a-vis the “New World Order” but, although there is some truth to it, bringing that into the argument will draw accusations of being conspiracy theorists 😀 Having said that, I believe our Government / KKM are too obedient towards WHO (and I’m putting it very mildly).


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