Romanticising KJ’s visits to hospitals reflects low expectations of the Health Minister

My post was removed this morning for “going against community standards” and I have been banned for 24 hours. The contents are reproduced here, reformatted for this blog post.

Ramai beromantis dengan Menteri Kesihatan KJ membuat lawatan mengejut di hospital.

Semua ingat si liberal dah berubah, bukan lagi ular macam dulu? What’s the matter with you people.

Aneh sangat ke bila Menteri Kesihatan lawat hospital? Habis nak dia buat lawatan mengejut kat zoo?

Kan elok sekiranya KJ melawat atau menziarah:

(i) keluarga mangsa covid yang telah dicucuk vaksin

(ii) keluarga mereka yang telah divaksinasi yang kemudian meninggal dunia walaupun tidak dijangkiti covid

(iii) pesakit covid yang telah divaksinasi yang sedang dirawat di hospital

(iv) pesakit yang telah divaksinasi namun covid negatif yang sedang dirawat di hospital

Explain to them how the potential benefit of vaccines far outweighs the risks of vaccines even when they had alternatives to recover from covid if infected.

Explain to them why covid patients were denied early treatment with ivermectin based protocol that could have prevented hospitalisation and death.

Explain to them why you rejected scientific studies, clinical studies, observational studies and testimonials from reputable doctors that support the effectiveness of ivermectin and other medication/supplements for prevention and treatment of covid.

Explain to them why you ignored data that showed that vaccines were low in efficacy/effectiveness.

Explain to them why you think you are playing safe by following the lead of the US and Israel on the management of covid, including threatening the unvaccinated people into taking the vaccine, even for those who don’t need it.

Explain to them it was mostly a lie to claim “Secara tidak langsung kita boleh melindungi golongan berisiko yang tidak layak menerima suntikan vaksin.”

Explain to them that when the government claimed “Pengambilan Vaksin COVID-19 ini juga mungkin akan mengakibatkan kesan sampingan yang ringan dan kesan sampingan lain yang akan dilaporkan dari semasa ke semasa”, ‘kesan sampingan lain‘ meant being ill enough to be intubated, put into induced coma, hooked up to a mechanical ventilator or dead.

Explain to them why they had no choice but to sign the following disclaimer and the consequences of ‘tidak bersetuju’:

Explain to them why the government won’t get a refund for the vaccines that failed against preventing infections, hospitalisations and deaths.

Explain to them why people continue to fall seriously ill and die despite (or due to) being vaccinated, whether 1 or 2 doses.

Then, finally, please also explain to the nation why you believe you are still fit to be Health Minister while having blood on your hands, emulating the performance of your incompetent predecessor.

– AA –

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