AG Tommy was spared prison sentence after being convicted for contempt in 1998

AG Mohan a/l K Thomas @ Tommy Thomas was convicted of contempt of court in 1998 for publishing false/misleading remarks on the judiciary.

Tommy claimed that certain plaintiffs and their lawyers enjoyed improper preferential treatment in the courts and questioned the independence of the judiciary.

In 1998, then High Court judge RK Nathan had convicted Thomas for contempt and sentenced the latter to six months in jail.

This was over Thomas’ comment regarding the settlement of the defamation suits filed against him and law firm Skrine & Co by business tycoon Vincent Tan, his companies and his lawyer VK Lingam.

The defamation suits were over an article in London-based trade magazine International Commercial Litigation, in which Thomas is alleged to have said that certain plaintiffs and their lawyers enjoyed improper preferential treatment in the courts.

The article also questioned the independence of the judiciary, especially in cases involving influential businesses.

The dissenting judge was Gopal Sri Ram, who held that the appeal must be allowed, as the conviction against Thomas “destroys the freedom of thought and speech.”

Fast forward to 2019, the Attorney-General’s Chambers has appointed Sri Ram as the lead prosecutor for the 1MDB-related charges against former premier Najib Abdul Razak.

MalaysiaKini – When AG was in the dock for contempt in 1998

So as we can see, Tommy is fond of making false accusations.

The High Court had sentenced him to 6 months imprisonment. He then appealed but the Court of Appeal upheld the High Court’s guilty verdict.

There were three judges on the bench: Denis Ong, Ahmad Fairuz and… Gopal Sri Ram

Denis Ong and Ahmad Fairuz agreed with the High Court’s guilty verdict while Gopal Sri Ram ruled in favour of Tommy Thomas but was outnumbered. (Gopal Sri Ram was also the dissenting judge in the Lina Joy case, where she failed in her bid to remove “Islam” from her I/C).

So it’s no surprise that Tommy appointed Gopal Sri Ram as lead prosecutor in the 1MDB case where Najib is facing multiple vague and ambiguous charges.

Remember also that Tommy Thomas was Lim Guan Eng’s lawyer for LGE’s corruption trial. (By the way, Tommy was also Chin Peng’s lawyer and lead counsel. Tommy said Chin Peng was a “major contributor to Merdeka” and a “true patriot“). After Tommy was appointed AG, he dropped the corruption charges while the trial was ongoing. Anybody with common sense would see it as preferential treatment and blatant abuse of power.

Tommy Thomas exhibits hypocrisy of the highest order.

Tommy himself was convicted of contempt of court when he made false or misleading statements. Gopal Sri Ram tried to get Tommy off the hook on the grounds of “freedom of speech”. Tommy declared that everybody must have freedom of speech and that he is against the principle of sub judice.

And yet Tommy Thomas now wants Najib to stop writing on Facebook, which contains true facts unlike the kind that got Tommy convicted in 1998.

Tommy Thomas should never have been appointed AG and we can see today from his performances why he was never fit for the job.

– AA –

One thought on “AG Tommy was spared prison sentence after being convicted for contempt in 1998

  1. From the record as outlined above, there seems to be a criminal conspiracy to oust Najib and UMNO IN GE14 spearheaded by a personality who had vested interest to maintain his family’s wealth and influence. Issues of corruption and abuse of power were created extensively as well as an election menifesto and empty promises was used to lure malay votes. To achieve his ambition & objective he was prepared to work with the devil. Fortunately the success was short lived.

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